February 7, 2022

This was a big job – complete roof replacement. Although it is a three-bedroom house, due to the way extensions have been built on there is a lot of roof for the size of the house, and a lot of “funny angles” (I’ve been told!) Also, some of work carried out in the past has not been as good as one would wish. The guys who did the work were great. They were very polite and friendly. If I asked them something or pointed something out they sorted it out straight away. Each night they cleared up behind themselves. When the work was complete, they were extremely thorough in clearing up – I’ve never had work done that was so meticulously cleared away. Then, when the scaffolding was taken down they returned to do a final check. The organisation of the delivery of skips and materials was impressive. Everything arrived on time but there weren’t materials sitting on the drive unnecessarily. I would strongly recommend this company.