October 9, 2023

We have a large flat roof that was felted and leaked in a couple of places especially in heavy rain. We had already decided to replace the roof before calling Mark. He gave a lot of advice and was very re-assuring so we were happy for him to proceed after he quoted us. The original plan was to rip up the old roof but it became apparent that it may cause internal damage due to the structure of the existing roof and roof joists. So Mark built a structure on top with insulation before boarding and finishing with rubberised membrane. We have had torrential rain since and so far so good. His workmen were great guys – they were here for a week and were very friendly, tidy and respectful. In addition they also made good on some leadwork, re-configured the top of a soil stack and re-laid some coping stones and painted them (photo taken before painting). So we are very pleased and are more than happy to recommend Mark and his team.