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Bats in the Belfry!

When you start to think about having some building work carried out on your property probably the last thing you think about is whether your home is also home to bats!


Essex County Council’s Place Services division recently held a four-hour training, Bats and Buildings in Chelmsford, Brentwood and Billericay, aimed at those responsible for managing or developing buildings to explain what to look for with regards the presence of bats before they begin any building work.


As a protected species if you do have bats on your property you are legally obliged to take steps not to destroy their habitat. Most reputable companies offering building services in Chelmsford will have experience of dealing with these tiny, harmless creatures and be able to advise and get in touch with the relevant experts in order to progress with the project.

Grenfell Towers review update

Former Health & Safety Executive chair Dame Judith Hackitt says that the construction industry’s regulatory system is not fit for purpose and contractors are taking short cuts, with little or no quality monitoring. In essence, contractors are out of control. Dame Judith Hackitt was appointed by government to lead an independent review of building regulations and fire safety following the lethal Grenfell Tower fire in June. She has published her interim findings today (18 Decmber 2017)

The interim report sets out six broad areas for change:

  • ensuring that regulation and guidance is risk-based, proportionate and unambiguous
  • clarifying roles and responsibilities for ensuring that buildings are safe
  • improving levels of competence within the industry
  • improving the process, compliance and enforcement of regulations
  • creating a clear, quick and effective route for residents’ voices to be heard and listened to
  • improving testing, marketing and quality assurance of products used in construction.


Cpyright from and full article on “Construction Index” by following the link below:-

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